Student Specific

Disciplines (Harrisburg Campus only)
As part of registration for the camp, students must choose one of two discipline tracks; Artist or Programmer. This track will determine some of the lessons students will learn during their time here as well as what role they’ll play on their teams.

Artists breathe life into video games by illustrating engaging characters, immersive environments, and convincing animations that help place the game within a context for the player to enjoy. Students who choose the Art Discipline will be introduced to the fundamentals of traditional art to give them insight into what it takes to be a successful artist in today’s very competitive industry. They will then learn how to apply these skills to the digital realm, allowing them to help bring their team’s game to life.

Programmers are the backbone of any software application. Without them, video games simply would not exist. Students who choose the Programming Discipline will learn about the importance of logic and structuring code as it applies to creating interactive environments and characters. The exact programming experience changes depending on the game development tool being used, but using logic to solve the challenges of creating interactive games transcends all tools used in game development.

Supplies and Software
All required software and hardware will be provided by the Academy and is on loan to the students for the duration of the camp. All equipment will be for in-house use only and students will not be permitted to take the equipment off site during the program.

Additionally, artists are welcome to bring their own sketchbooks and drawing supplies. Students are not encouraged to bring their own flash drives or external hard drives for security reasons. If you have any questions about what we provide for the students, contact us and we will gladly answer any specific inquiries you may have.