What will we learn?

  • Artists: the fundamentals of traditional art, animation, and game asset creation
  • Programmers: organized game logic and problem solving
  • Collaboration in a team environment
  • Game critique, design, and development
  • Software development cycle and the game development pipeline
  • Time management and task prioritization
  • What it is like to work in the game industry (presentations from and chats with industry professionals). Past speakers have been from both local, national, and international companies.

Will we be programming?
Students who attend a session at Harrisburg University will choose whether or not they learn programming through the application process. All students who attend a session on a campus other than Harrisburg University will learn programming.

Is there an animation component to the course?
That depends. Animation takes a substantial understanding of many different components of art. We teach animation if we feel the students are ready for that challenge and if there is sufficient time to introduce that topic.

If I am graduating from High School, can I still apply for the Academy?
Yes you can! Students who are entering, attending, or just graduating high school may apply.

Where is the Academy
Our main sessions always happen at our Harrisburg campus. We also form partnerships with schools across the state to deliver our curriculum. If you’re interested in chatting about having our camp at your school, please contact Ryan Korn, Harrisburg University’s Director of Secondary School Services, Programs, & Partnerships.

Do I need to know a lot about computers and programs?
This program is designed for students who want to learn more about the process of game development or practice the skills they’ve learned from previous camps. As such, if you’ve never built a game before, then this is a great opportunity to learn! That being said, being computer literate is very important in any technology related field. If you’re unfamiliar with navigating a standard computer with a Windows OS, then you may have a more difficult time than others. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn on the go!

Are there scholarships available?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer scholarships at this time. This may change, however, so feel free to ask as we get closer to the next session.

Can you explain the application process?
It is a very straightforward process: Simply go to the Harrisburg University website and search for “Summer Exploration Camps” under the Degrees & Programs section of the main menu. Find the Exploring Video Game Development camp (or any others that may interest you) and find the REGISTER FOR THIS CAMP link underneath the camp for which you wish to register. Fill out the easy to follow online registration form, press Submit, and you’re done!