These are the games created during our 2017 Exploring Video Game Development Camps.

Please be aware that some will start off with really loud music.

Session 1 (these games must be downloaded on a PC in order to be played*)

Session 2 (these can be played in your browser)


*In order to play a game that must be downloaded, please do the following:

  1. After opening the game’s URL, click the “Download” button
  2. Navigate to where the zip file was downloaded on your computer
  3. Right click on the zip file and choose “Extract All”
  4. Within the extracted folder, locate and double click the image of a black and white cube; this is the executable for the game
  5. A window should pop up asking you to choose a variety of options; we suggest checking “Windowed” so that you can easily close out of the game once you are done playing it
  6. Click “Play!” and you’re good to go